Your Uninstaller! PRO 7.4.2012.01 Free Trial

It's always easier to clean up your hard drive and organize it accordingly, than having to reinstall the entire operating system.

Reinstalling always takes a lot of time, just because after the installation of the operating system is complete, you have to manually unpack and place every piece of software you have.

The simplest way is to uninstall any unnecessary pieces, then defragment the local hard drives in order to fill in the empty spaces.

Your Uninstaller! is a very resourceful and efficient tool than can help you in this matter (besides the defragmentation part).

The user interface is extremely simple to use and visually appealing.

You can choose to completely uninstall any programs that are missed by the Windows' Control Panel.

Even with a simple task as uninstalling, Your Uninstaller! offers several options.

One of them is "Advanced Uninstall". If the application encounters any problem in trying to remove the respective software, it will notify you with the exact issue, so that you can fix it.

With "Quick Uninstall", the tool will automatically remove the specific software, along with any registry entries it has made.

If you select the plain "Uninstall", you will be prompted by a window with four uninstall modes: built-in (the standard uninstall process), safe (includes built-in mode and it's the quickest way to uninstall while scanning registry files on simple level), normal (includes safe mode, plus an extended registry scanning, and it's slower than safe mode), and super mode (includes normal mode, plus a complete scan on traces left in Windows; the slowest but most efficient mode).

Besides a software uninstall, Your Uninstaller! has a disk cleaner (which is very fast, effective, and alerts you whenever a file can't be removed because it's currently in use), the possibility of fixing shortcuts and rearranging them in start menu, and a web browser trace eraser (unfortunately, it only works for Internet Explorer).

In addition, there is a file shredder that completely removes any files you put into it (because they can be recovered even after you reformat the disk), and AutoFix, a feature which scans files and fixes any corrupt installation.

The smart thing about Your Uninstaller! is that it automatically creates a restore point before attempting to uninstall a software, just in case anything goes wrong. If it does, then you can later select Windows' System Restore and literally turn back time.

The funniest thing about it is that Your Uninstaller! can also completely remove itself.

We have to admit we were fascinated by this software, and we strongly recommend anyone to use it!

License: Free Trial
Download: Your Uninstaller

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