YMTiny is free appliacation for Yahoo! messenger. This is made in Indonesian people. Verry easy to use it from your mobile. Just connect with your Yahoo! ID, no other registration needed.


v1.3.2 (latest):
JAD + JAR (ymtiny.zip, 123KB)
JAD file (ymtiny.jad, 1Kb)
JAR file (ymtiny.jar, 127Kb)

v1.2 beta (update 29 Feb 2008)

JAD file (ymtiny1.2.jad, 1Kb)
JAR file (ymtiny1.2.jar, 160Kb)

v1.1 (24 Sept 2007)

JAD file (ymtiny.jad, 1Kb)
JAR file (ymtiny.jar, 165Kb)

Download: ZIP file (ymtiny.zip, 165Kb)-link oleh Ziddu.com
Download: JAR file (ymtiny.jar) by fileden.com
Download: ZIP file (ymtiny.zip) by divshare.com
Download: JAR file (link) by 4shared
Download: ZIP file (ymtiny.zip) by electronicfiles.net

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